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Boiler repair service

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Boiler Maintenance Repair & Service

A Boiler failure is not a option during the coldest times of the year. Imagine waking up on a 20 degree day to find out that your home has no heat. This can cause a world of discomfort. Keep your home or business warm this winter, call (347) 560-1319. Shepherd ENG Heating Cooling & Refrigeration Boiler Maintenance Repair Service is #1 in the NYC and Westchester.

During winter months anything can happen in a Basement , attic or roof type heating systems. Located in the Basement of a House is a boiler , furnace, or hot water heater or Combi type of boiler / hot water heater. There are a few things to check before calling. Go downstairs and look for a pilot. Some boilers come with a spark ignitor. These types light the pilot when there is a call for heat. If there is no pilot try and see if you can light I️t. For the new homeowners that are not familiar with this for more information call (347) 560-1319 and ask for help with pilot ignition.

No heat Furnace & Boiler call (347) 560-1319

Another type of heating system is the furnace. This type of heating system pushes heated air into the area being heated. Furnaces have glow type and spark type ignitors to start the units heating process. This can be check by calling the unit for heat. Turn your temperature control, this is usually a thermostat all the way up to 90 degree. Go to the unit and if you have your door off remember to press the button and hold I️t if you see one. If not do not worry, just wait for unit to start up. Does the furnace light up and starts the heating process or does it starts then stop or nothing happens ? These are checks you make before calling a technician.

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