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HVAC Heating Cooling and Refrigeration repair and servicing

Shepherd guys did a great job. I woke up to a warm refrigerator. The freezer was frozen in the back and the refrigerator was warm and all my food was melting. I called up Shepherd HVAC department and they showed up 10 mins before the appointed time. Maurice went straight to work. He replaced a part in the freezer section to my amazement the refrigerator was back up and running.



  • Peter, Queens NY


I had a washing machine that had water that wasn’t draining out. I called up my local tech guy but he was busy working on other customer calls. I had to get my clothes washed ASAP for a big meeting. I called Shepherd’s and they showed up immediately. They took apart the machine, of course drained it out first. Found out the pump malfunctioned. Replaced the pump. Thanks guys!



  • Bertha, Yonkers NY


Technician was great said he would order parts for my furnace unit, we are still waiting for part to complete this request.



  • Justin, Mount Vernon NY


Recently I installed a walk in box for my pizza shop. Shepherd came in and looked at the available space and the measurements I gave them of the box that was build. They installed the refrigeration unit within a day. Thanks guys !!!



  • Mitch, New York NY


First time using this company. got great service and personal attention with hot water heater and Air conditioner repairs I needed will call again



  • Shaun, Bronx NY


My refrigerator kept starting then stop. I didn’t know what to do. I had a friend tell me about Shepherd’s Engineering Heating and Cooling. Two guys came in went straight to the refrigerator 15 mins past. One guy came to me and told me something about compressor and power not getting to it. Then 5 mins after that the refrigerator started working. I couldn’t believe how fast the job was completed. Refrigerator have been working ever since.



  • Danielle, White Plains NY


Bronx NY, Westchester NY, Harlem NY refrigerator repair, AC installation and repair, Duct installation, Boiler repair

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