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About Our Company

Shepherd Heating Cooling and Refrigeration

Heating Cooling and Refrigeration repair

This company was created 2015 . It was created with the idea that HVAC-R will one day help to change how people live work and interact with the closed system of a house or business.  Shepherd's Engineering Heating Cooling and Refrigeration, believed that one central HVAC-R company can revolutionize how maintenance service and installations are done within the NYC area.  With that thought in mind, the idea for a HVAC company that’s always on time, and have expert designing capabilities to turn any installation into a beautiful piece in any system; Shepherd's Engineering Heating Cooling and Refrigeration was created. We create, repair, and install small or large systems for an eco-friendly world.

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Furnace Boiler Refrigeration and Air Condition Repair

Call us now (646) 221-2793

  • Boilers service

  • Gas and Oil Furnaces service

  • Hot water tank service

  • Walking Box freezer and cooler service

  • Hot water and steam boilers service

  • Heating installation and Heating repair

  • A/C installation and service

  • Heat pump service

  • Air Conditioning systems service

  • Heating services

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Most important services that are offered. Call (646) 221-2793 Now
  • Central Air conditioner repair
  • Air Conditioner repair
  • Refrigerator repair
  • Appliance repair
  • Boiler repair
  • Furnace repair
  • HVAC repair
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