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Winter is fast approaching.  That old boiler/heating system needs maintenance or repair. A Boilers repair cost can be anything from $100 - $500 or even more depending on the Boiler parts. Boilers and heaters are linked systems. A heater repair sometimes breaks down to a boiler repair. Other factors such as the type of boiler i.e residential boiler repair or commercial; even the Boiler repair company that you choose to perform the repair can affect the amount of money spend for a heating repair. We offer special Bronx-Boiler-Repair service in NYC. The Bronx gets higher priority compared to the other five boroughs and Westchester county.


Oil and Gas Boiler Repair


Many homes and businesses have either a Oil or a Gas Boiler. In the winter months on very cold days, boilers can break down or stop working all together. Shepherd ENG Heating Cooling and Refrigeration repairs boilers of all make and model. If you have a gas boiler or a oil boiler we are here for you call (917) 946-2983 for a boiler repair. There are ways to prevent boiler breaking down. Have your boiler checked out and serviced. A service check for your Gas or Oil Boiler from Shepherd ENG Heating Cooling and Refrigeration will prevent the boiler from breaking down in the winter months.  Don’t go this winter without heat call Shepherdehc now (646) 221-2793.


Heater/Burner Repair


  • Buderus Boilers

  • Peerless Boilers

  • Burnham Hydronics Boilers

  • Weil-McLain Boilers

  • Veissmann Boilers

  • Mestek Boilers

  • Crown Boilers

  • Smith Boilers


Most Boilers are hydronic or hot water systems (Steam is also used to heat homes using radiators). They heat water and deliver it throughout the home or business though pipes. Pipes are usually cast iron or steel. Usually homes that have boilers, have baseboard heaters or fin-tube heaters. As you already know there are two types of boilers gas and oil. Maintenance is different between the two systems. Oil boilers/heater/burners require a lot more maintenance than there gas counter part.


Shepherd provides furnace repair service. We are a NYC based heating contractor. All technicians are certified and have years of experience with all brands of boilers and there components.


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80% Furnace repair

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Shepherd heating and cooling specialize in repair and maintenance for residential HVAC and commercial HVAC customers in New York City and surrounding areas. ShepherdEHC repairs all Heating systems, Cooling systems, Air Conditioners, Central Air Conditioners, Portable Air conditioners, Appliances, Refrigerators, appliances, walk-in freezer & Cooler, Ducts, Freezer, Furnaces, Boilers, Hot water tank, compressor, condensers, central heating and cooling systems. Commercial Refrigerators, Air conditioners and Appliances. Affiliate Bronx Boiler Repair 



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This HVAC company work on a variety of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and  refrigeration units. We provide service, installation, repair and maintenance on all mechanical systems including appliances. We will list some of the services we provide.  Shepherd ENG Heating Cooling and Refrigeration (646) 221-2793 repairs Frigidaire refrigerator, Maytag refrigerator, Amana refrigerator, and Hotpoint referigerators. Boiler repair Weil Mclain boiler, Peerless boiler, burnam boiler. Also Shepherd ENG Heating Cooling and Refrigeration sometimes work in specific areas. We offer Bronx NY Refrigerator repair, Bronx Boiler Repair, Refrigerator Repair Service, Bronx NY furnace repair, Central Air Conditioner repair, Appliance repair, Air Conditioner service and repair.

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