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Boiler Repair Service & Installation

Boiler Repair Service & Installation

New York City & Westchester NY Heater Repair

Boiler Maintenance Service NYC

#1 Best Boiler repair service, same day appointment readily available. Winter is fast approaching, that old boiler/heating system needs maintenance or repair. A Boilers repair service cost can be anything from $100 - $500 or even more depending on the parts available. The fuel type oil gas or electric all heating systems are linked. A heating repair sometimes breaks down to a boiler repair. Other factors such as the type of heating unit used i.e residential boiler repair or commercial; we are the Best Boiler repair service company that you can choose to perform perfectly and precise to lower the amount of money spend for a heating repair. We offer special Bronx-Boiler-Repair service in NYC this includes Queens NY. The Bronx gets higher priority compared to the other five boroughs and Westchester county. New York City #1 Boiler installers with warranty included in each installation.

Top 10 Boiler repairs service calls

Low boiler pressure
No heating or hot water
Frozen pipes during winter 
Radiator not hot
Boiler not responding to thermostat
Gurgling, banging or whistling noises coming from your boiler
Pilot light keeps switching off
Boiler won’t turn on (no power)
Baseboard section not hot

Oil or Gas Boiler Maintenance & Service

Many homes and businesses have either a Oil or a Gas Boiler. In the winter months on very cold days, boilers can break down or stop working all together. Shepherd ENG Heating Cooling and Refrigeration repairs boilers of all make and model. If you have a gas boiler or a oil boiler we are here for you call for a boiler repair. There are ways to prevent boiler breaking down. Have your boiler checked out and serviced. A service check for your Gas or Oil Boiler from Shepherd ENG Heating Cooling and Refrigeration will prevent the boiler from breaking down in the winter months.  Don’t go this winter without heat call Shepherdehc now (929) 383-9139. We repair boilers in Queens NY, Brooklyn NY, Bronx NY, Manhattan NY, Yonkers, Bronxville, Pelham manor, New Rochelle, Mount Vernon, EastChester, White Plains.

Boilers and or Furnace brands we service

Burnham Hydronics 
Slant Fin

Most Boilers are hydronic or hot water systems (Steam is also used to heat homes using radiators). They heat water and deliver it throughout the home or business though pipes. Pipes are usually cast iron or steel. Usually homes that have boilers, have baseboard heaters or fin-tube heaters. As you already know there are two types of boilers gas and oil. Maintenance is different between the two systems. Oil boilers/heater/burners require a lot more maintenance than there gas counter part. We also provides furnace repair service. We are a NYC based heating contractor. All technicians are certified and have years of experience with all brands of boilers and there components.

90% Furnace repair 
80% Furnace repair

Heater  and Burner

Boiler repair service in NYC. ShepherdEHC is the #1 heating repair company in New York City. Heating systems change over time due to the increase in technological knowledge. One type of heating system namely the boiler system have not changed much at all. This industry will always be in use because of its simple design. By heating up water these types of devices can warm an entire home, business or dwelling. The only changes are increased efficiency in both heating and consumption of fuels needed to produce heat necessary. The benefits to this type of temperature control are there are few moving parts and the unit itself is most often very durable. There are many occasions where a dwelling have heating equipment older than the home owner or business owner.  Any old systems need service call for Boiler Repair in NYC and WestChester county NY. 

Emergency Repair Service

Emergency boiler repair is available during working hour or if a dwelling is assigned priority. Not all heating and air equipment are made the same. Preventing failures with maintenance doesn’t always stop units from malfunctioning. ShepherdEHC have emergency boiler repair service available all year around for homes and businesses. All year service helps those with heating units that also acts as a hot water heater. 
Hot Water heaters are essential in everyday usage. Before there was hot and cold water in dwellings. People would have to catch water in a metal container and boil it to get the hot water they needed. Imagine bathing in only cold water all year around winter and summer. If you have no cold water in your home, business or dwelling. And your hot water is connected to your heating and are equipment such as a boiler. Call ShepherdEHC for emergency boiler repair service.

Radiator not working ?

We have an excellent team of hard working individuals with diagnostic expertise on Radiators. A plumbing issue can be the cause of many problems. Our plumbers diagnose all radiators. Water leaking from air valves will damage wood floors, carpets and walls. Leaks can create rust build up on old worn connections. Not being able to open or close a main valve connection can cut off sections of a dwelling from being kept warm. Old pipes can be broken insides walls. A plumber would have to locate the area of the fracture or break and fix it. Closing up these types of failures increases the efficiency of the heating unit. Save money and extends the life. Boiler service if Radiator not working or leaking call (929) 383-9139. 

Baseboard Installation Service

Adding a section to your dwelling a home or business, and need to install a new baseboard section to the existing one. ShepherdEHC have experienced installers ready to service any and all installation needs. Have a basement and need to add heat to that entire area? Our plumbers specialize in diagnosing the best route base on specifications. We work with boilers of many fuel types natural gas, wood, coal, propane and oil. New installation usually comes with thermostat replacements. Nest, Honeywell, Ecobee are good choices for you. Boiler installation also available.

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