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Central Air Conditioning Repair Service

Central Air Conditioning Repair Service

Central AC repair service in NYC & Westchester County NY

Central Air conditioners are in homes and businesses all over the United States. Central AC are usually made up of two systems in one. A heating system and a cooling system are usually located in the basement or in the attic. These systems are connected in zones to a furnace or a boiler unit and are set up in specific ways. The makeup of central air conditioning units are an evaporator and a condenser which is usually located outside the home. Almost all Central Air Conditioning systems are forced air systems meaning, there are ducts throughout the home that push cold air wherever it is needed.

Air conditioner service 


Shepherd ENG Heating Cooling and Refrigeration is the best Central Air Conditioner repair service company available. We are located in the Bronx, NY, Our repair services and installation technicians are available in the NYC area and the Westchester County, NY area.  This includes Bronxville, Whiteplains, Eastchester, and Yonkers to name a few. In this article, we will look in-depth at the subject of Air conditioning systems and how to maintain them to ensure fewer repairs and more savings. On July 17th, 1902 due to humidity in the air at a newspaper company, the Air Conditioner was invented. 
Invented by Willis Carrier the first unit was invented to remove the moisture in the air. Newspapers in highly humid areas become saturated due to their absorption of water from the air. To solve this issue Carrier realized, that by conditioning the air you can reduce the amount of humidity present. The reduction in humidity also caused a cooling effect and cooled the air. This invention revolutionized the world and gave rise to Air Conditioning Repair Services and installation companies. ShepherdEHC is #1 in Home AC service. Now businesses have an option to precisely control the temperature inside any area. This gave rise to cool movie theaters, shopping malls, and many other industries. This increase in the need for conditioned air leads to the modern Home Central Air Conditioning system and also to Central AC repair service. 


HVAC Heating & Air Service 


Air Conditioning Repair Services became an industry with the need for certified technicians handling all units. Air Conditioners come in many different shapes and sizes. All units do the same thing replace warm/hot air with cooled conditioned air. Standard home AC system consist of a blower. This blower is usually located inside what is called a furnace and is used to push air in and out of conditioned areas. The furnace is a closed system in a home or business that delivers heated and cooled air. In the summer or warmer months furnaces are used as Air conditioners. The main mechanical components of these cooling systems are the compressor, condenser, evaporator, and metering device. For most homes or businesses the evaporator and the metering device is located inside the home at the furnace. The Compressor and Condenser are located outside the condensing unit. This is that big unit outside with a fan blowing hot air whenever an AC is turned on. These units can break down and will need a company like ShepherdEHC that provides air conditioning repair service and installation. 


Air Conditioner Installer 


A certified Air conditioner installer will inspect any unit and diagnose malfunctioning or errors within your system. Excessive AC repair can be extremely costly. To be able to understand if your home heating and air unit needs any repairs, knowledge of an Air Conditioning system is needed. We have already listed the four major components of a heating and air system above. All of these systems work together with what is called refrigerant. Refrigerant or Freon as it is commonly known is a special type of chemical that comes in liquid and gaseous form depending on the pressure or temperature. All the components work together pushing the Freon through what is usually a copper pipe. As it is moving in the system it collects heat from a given area and removes it to the outside ambient air. 
The AC installer can replace any one of these components if they are damaged or just not working. The best Central Air Conditioner installer can calculate the amount of necessary cooling a home may need. Not all technicians have the essential skills necessary to complete a job correctly. The modern cooling unit is also changing. An alternative to a furnace providing cooling to a home is the Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner. In some hard-to-reach locations, a furnace cannot be installed. The mini-split system solved this issue. ShepherdEHC has the best home and business air conditioner installers. 
Ductless mini split air conditioning repair service and maintenance
Ductless mini split air conditioning repair service is one of ShepherdEHC's specialties. As mentioned above cooling is done based on four major components. The compressor is the heart of the AC unit. It compresses Freon gas coming from the evaporator. The evaporator picks up the heat from the area being cooled and sends that heated gas to the compressor. The now compressed gas goes to the condenser. Once at the condenser heated gas is cooled allowing the removal of the heat that was collected. The now cooled gas changes state from gas to liquid. Ductless mini split air conditioning repair usually consists of these main components. Unless there is an electrical issue with the thermostat or motherboard, all repairs originate from these areas in the system. Mini Split systems work together throughout a homework the same as a central air conditioning unit. These units are installed in places where ducts can't be placed. Call us whenever there is any need for ductless mini split air conditioner repair service.


Mini split installers 


ShepherdEHC has expertly trained mini split installers for any old ductless heating and cooling system. Looking back at the condenser we said that there’s a change of state in the Freon from gas to liquid. This now-cooled liquid goes toward the last component the metering device. The metering devil in cooling and refrigeration changes the pressure of entering Freon. At the metering device, the Freon changes pressure to a lower pressure causing it also to get extremely cold depending on the type of Freon being used. During a ductless mini-split installation the installer must ensure that all areas in the system is put together correctly. Mini split installers always service the unit once it is installed to make sure there aren’t any problems that may occur. All units have specific installation guidelines that must be followed and only a train mini split installer can adequately complete that task. 


HVAC Central Air Conditioner Repair 


Shepherd ENG Heating Cooling and Refrigeration REPAIRS ALL CENTRAL AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM. There are three common types of Central Air Conditioning systems.  The first one is a normal Central Air-Conditioning system that uses ducts to distribute cool air throughout the home. The next type is a Heat Pump Air Conditioner. In the Cooling season, the heat pumps move warm air from inside the home to outside. During the heating season the heat pump switches and does the opposite. The last type of A/C system is the Split ductless system usually called the ductless mini split AC. The split system has a condenser outside with multiple indoor blower units mounted inside the home or business. Split ductless systems do not need ductwork. This makes it easy to add to homes or businesses that have no existing ductwork.

Central Air Conditioning Important Factors

Size and Efficiency

The air conditioner's cooling capacity is measured in British thermal units per hour (BTU/Hr) or in tonnage (tons). One ton of cooling capacity is 12,000 Btu/hr. The amount a BTU an air conditioning unit has helps the consumer to choose the right AC unit for their home, business, or room size. Efficiency describes how much cooling the unit delivers depending on the watts of electricity being used. This is expressed as a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER). The higher the SEER the better. It is recommended to choose units with a SEER of 13 or greater.

Heating and air Furnace unit repair

If your Central Air Conditioning system breaks down call (929) 383-9139, or leave a message through the online messaging system. Shepherd ENG Heating Cooling and Refrigeration will repair, service, and maintain your system. We have technicians who have several years of experience and are all certified. If it’s not working or broken we can fix it. Whether you have a furnace duct system a ductless system or a boiler with an air handler type system we will fix it.

Our services include residential and commercial central air conditioner service repair and maintenance. DIY AC repair will only make things worse call a professional. Call a Shepherd ENG Heating Cooling and Refrigeration technician for your air conditioning repair troubleshooting. We at Shepherd ENG Heating Cooling and Refrigeration know and Repair all Central air conditioning problems. Call (929) 383-9139 Now!!! And end all Central air conditioning problems. We are here to help you.

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