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AC Repair Questions and Answer

Do it yourself Air Conditioner Repair Service 

Top Central AC Repair questions:

My Furnace if Not working at all?

This could be a major issue. There are several causes for a furnace not running. Check breaker to see if power is being send to the furnace is break haven’t been tripped. Give us a call we can help. 


Air conditioning unit Drips or leaks?

This could be because of frozen coil or drain is clogged. 


My AC unit is making strange noise outside ?

This sounds like a condensing unit is going bad. Compressor may be on its last leg. An Air Conditioner Installer should diagnose your issue.


My Outside condensing unit not turning on?

There is sometimes an electrical shut off box outside next to unit check it that is on first. Also before doing that check inside home to make sure breaker haven’t trip. 


My condenser Outside fan not turning?

Sounds like you need a repair call us now for a condenser repair. 


My Unit have Frozen coils? 

Frozen coil can be caused by low Freon or clogged filters. There are other more in-depth reason but it is too technical to speak of call for a repair.


My Air conditioner not turning on ? 

Check the thermostat to see if it has power maybe it needs new batteries. Check the breaker box to make sure it hasn’t tripped if it did call for service could be something wrong electrically with you system. 


AC fan not working ? 

If you turned on your furnace unit and there’s no air coming out of the grills, but everything else is working turn off unit and call for a repair. Blower may be defective. 


Inside AC unit not turning on ?

Check the breaker box to make sure unit is getting power. If condensing unit outside is running but there’s no air blowing into your home or business it could be a mother board or blower issue. Call for AC repair service.


Why is my AC running but not cooling ?

This could be multiple issues, check if there is frost building up inside unit. It could be low of Freon. Condenser could be dirty. These types of issues are complicated and most likely will need a service technician to come out. 


AC fan and compressor not working ?

Check the breaker box. If there was a power surge for any reason in the home this could affect the AC unit from working. Call for service now.


The fan on my central AC is not working ? 

Check if the out door unit is running. If not check the breaker if it has been trip. If breaker have not been trip there is a major issue with your system. 

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