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Walk-in Freezer - Cooler Repair 

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A Walk-in Freezer and Cooler Repair is a large box that either freezes or cools items stored inside of them just like a domestic refrigerator. These types of cooling units are used in commercial applications. They are mainly found in the food industry to keep meats, vegetables and other products at a mandatory set temperature. These set temperatures are there to keep bacteria from forming. This allows for the safe keeping of any products. There are a lot of different types of walk-in freezers and walk-in coolers ie Nor-lake, Kolpak, C.C.I., Heatcraft, Crown-Tonka, Crown-Tonka / Styleline, Eliason, True, Bunn, Hobart, Vollrath, Beverage Air, Waring, Robot Coupe, Manitowoc. Below we will go deeper into Walk-in Freezer Cooler repair services available and refrigeration.

Commercial Refrigerator Repair Service 


Commercial refrigerator repair service with certified technicians at ShepherdEHC. fix all makes and models such as reach-in refrigerator or counter top low boy ridges. Commercial refrigerator repair service is available everyday Monday - Sunday. Businesses loose money due to hot refrigerators, deli cases or warm Walk-in freezers. Many businesses have kitchen equipment that is used daily to provide goods as a public service. These refrigerators are designed to stand up to the demands of a commercial kitchens. The interior of these system are made to with-stand changes in temperature, humidity and acids. This is perfect for the in and out usage of commercial refrigerators. The exterior is usually covered in stainless steel doors. These very busy kitchens are often hot and humid. In food service, Commercial refrigeration systems are made with larger more efficient cooling system to withstand such harsh environments. 


Commercial refrigerator repair service is often a headache for most business owners. Choosing the right company can be a hassle. ShepherdEHC have some of the best technicians in the state,  when a service becomes necessary. Most often small incidents can go over looked, causing downtime’s and missed opportunities. As said before foodservice and commercial refrigerators are made with efficient cooling systems. These systems can consistently hold coolers and freezers at precise set storage temperatures. Allowing for quick cooling inside commercial refrigeration equipment such as deli refrigerators and sub zero refrigerators. Residential refrigerators don’t have the capacity of the foodservice commercial freezers and coolers. The ability to precisely control the temperature helps stop bacteria growth and keep products safe. Call ShepherdEHC now for Commercial refrigerator repair service. 



Walk-in Cooler Repair Service 


ShepherdEHC is NYC #1 Walk-in Cooler Repair Service. As we said above food service commercial refrigerators control conditioned temperatures precisely . This stops the spread of bacteria ensuring a longer life time for the produce stored. Walkin repair service is an essential service. How do refrigeration systems work ? All refrigeration systems have four to five main parts. The compressor, the evaporator, the Condenser, the Metering Device and the refrigerant commonly known as Freon. All of these components work together in a closed loop to ensure cooling in a cooling system. All Walk-in Coolers have these parts and more that enables its control of precise temperatures. Walk-in Cooler repairs are frequent in the food service industry. ShepherdEHC have trained technicians to perform all Walk-in Cooler repair services. If your compressor or metering device is not working correct it is of no concern we repair all breaks for example True refrigeration, Beverage air, Delfield, Nor-Lake and Master-bilt to name a few. 



Walk-in Freezer Repair Service 


With cooler service there’s also Walk-in Freezer Repair available. ShepherdEHC requires our cooler service technicians to be certified in Walk-in freezer repair service, to insure knowledge of all refrigeration equipment expertise. In the Food service and commercial refrigeration industry a more efficient metering device called the TXV aka the thermal expansion valve is used. This type of metering device meters the refrigerant going towards the evaporator and adjusts dynamically depending on cooling needs. This is more efficient than the metering device used in residential refrigerators. Walk-in freezer repairs needs even greater temperature control than their walk-in cooler counter part. Commercial refrigerators are made for the huge demands in the food service industry. These units are made to cool efficiently, by cutting costs making their purchase worth it. 


The other components of the refrigeration system consists of the evaporator. This cools the cabinet space and dehumidify it. In the evaporator the heat from the cabinet is collected into the Freon. With the added heat the Freon changes state from a liquid to a gas and is sent to the compressor. While at the compressor the freon gas is compressed. The added pressure increases the temperature of the total heat. With the added heat it is then pushed to the condensing unit. 


In Walk-in freezer repair service, a damaged compressor usually means a new installation is needed. But a malfunctioning compressor can be serviced and repair. As the heart of the system the compressor should be taken care of and maintained. A compressor repair is very costly and a compressor replacement or installation can be in the thousands. In many applications a compressor installer will tell you the actual value of a new compressor which can be over one thousand or more dollars. So to prevent a Walk-in freezer repair, maintain your compressors. 



Low boy refrigerator repair service 


Low boy refrigerator repair service goes hand in hand with Walkin box repairs. As with the Walkin box’s a low boy can have a TXV device controlling its temperatures. Almost all food service business with a brick and mortar location have low boys installed. Sometimes low boys are also called food prep tables. Not all refrigerators work the same so only trained technicians should service low boy refrigerators and food prep fridges. 


Same day service available for  Under counter refrigerator repair service. Any damage to a under counter refrigerator can diminish its efficiency and make it susceptible to break downs. Electrical failures can be early signs that you may need to service your low boy under counter refrigerator. In many food service kitchen oil build up on machines parts can damage the entire system. 


Oil blocking parts such as the condenser or condensing unit can cause major failures. The condenser receives hot Freon gas. The condenser job is to cool down the gas and release the heat in a space where it doesn’t affect anything. It is usually made up of coils and a fan, something water can be used adjacent the condenser coil to release the heat as needed. In most applications low boys or under the counter refrigerators have a fan type condensing unit. If the condenser gets blocked with a build up of dirt and oil the fan can blow the air needed to cool the Freon. The dirt and oil acts as a insulator causing the system to over heat and fail. This can sometimes cause compressor failures or compressor control failures. Call ShepherdEHC if any failures occur for low boy refrigerator repair service. 


Restaurant refrigerator repair 


All restaurant refrigerator repair consists of everything said previously. A clogged condenser cannot perform its job correctly. A condensers job is to cool the Freon. As the Freon cools it changes state from a gas to a liquid. Once the Freon changes to liquid it travels to the metering device i.e the TXV. At the TXV the liquid Freon pressure is reduce significantly this also reduces the temperature of the Freon significantly to sometimes way below freezing. This extremely cold Freon then goes to the evaporator to start the whole process of cooling once again. All components mentions can fail at any time. ShepherdEHC offer the best restaurant refrigerator repair service in the area.


Commercial Refrigerator Brands we Repair & Service:


  • Prep table 

  • Reach in refrigerator 

  • Glass door merchandiser

  • Open Air Cooler 

  • Back Bar Coolers

  • Undercounter Refrigerator 

  • Chef Base 

  • Bottle Coolers 

  • Draft Beer System

  • Worktop Refrigerator 

  • Medical Refrigerator 

  • Commercial Wine Cooler 

  • Sushi Case 

  • Countertop Refrigerator 

  • Deli Case

  • Floral Cooler 

  • Blast Chiller 

  • Bakery Display Case

  • Milk Cooler

  • Fish File 

  • Bryant Systems

  • Comfort-Aire Systems

  • Comfortmaker Systems

  • Carrier SystemsAmerican

  • Standard Systems

  • Arcoaire Systems

  • Ares Systems

  • Air Ease Systems

  • Amana Systems

  • Armstrong Systems

  • Bard Systems

  • Century Systems

  • ClimateMaster Systems

  • Coleman Systems

  • Concord Systems

  • Ducane Systems

  • EMI Systems

  • Enstar Systems

  • Samsung Systems

  • Sanyo Systems

  • Sun Systems

  • Tappan Systems

  • Tempstar Systems

  • Thermopride Systems

  • Westinghouse Systems

  • Trane Systems

  • Rheem Systems

  • Lennox Systems

  • York Systems

  • Eubank Systems

  • Fedders Systems

  • Friedrich Systems

  • Frigidaire Systems

  • Fujitsu General America

  • Systems

  • Gibson Systems

  • Goodman Systems

  • Heil Systems

  • Janitrol Systems

  • Kelvinator Systems

  • LG Electronics USA Systems

  • Luxaire Systems

  • Maytag Systems

  • Marvair Systems

  • Master Cool Systems

  • Meridian – Texas Furnace

  • Systems

  • Philco Systems

  • Reznor Systems

  • United CoolAir


Walk-in Freezer - Cooler Installation Repair and Service areas in NY:


  • Bronx 

  • Queens

  • Manhattan

  • Brooklyn 

  • New Jersey

  • Amawalk

  • Ardsley

  • Ardsley On Hudson

  • Armonk

  • Baldwin Place

  • Bedford

  • Bedford Hills

  • Briarcliff Manor

  • Bronxville

  • Buchanan

  • Chappaqua

  • Cortlandt Manor

  • Crompond

  • Cross River

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  • Dobbs Ferry

  • Eastchester

  • Elmsford

  • Goldens Bridge

  • Granite Springs

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  • Hartsdale

  • Hastings On Hudson

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  • Irvington

  • Jefferson Valley

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  • Mamaroneck

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  • New Rochelle

  • North Salem

  • Ossining

  • Peekskill

  • Pelham

  • Pleasantville

  • Port Chester

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  • Yorktown Heights


Shepherd ENG Heating Cooling and Refrigeration repairs all Walk-in freezers and coolers.

Walk-in Boxes are controls their temperature in different ways. In order to keep the cooler or freezer at a certain temperature. A Thermostat or a pressure switch are used. Thermostats are used to sense the temperature in the box. When the set temp is met the thermostat halts the cooling process to keep the temperature until a heat load is added. Once this occurs the thermostat initiates the cooling process again. 

The Pressure switch on the other hand senses the systems pressure. At certain pressures the system gives off a certain temperature. This temperature can be maintained with pressures. This is just like sensing the temperatures.