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Service & Repair

Service & Repair

HVAC-R Service & Repair 
Air Conditioner Repair


ShepherdEHC services and repairs Air Conditioners. During the summer months AC repairs are quite common. No home owner or business owner want to live or work in an uncomfortable environment. Summers in NYC can be some of the hottest. With a rise in temperature mechanical failures sometimes occur. Shepherd ENG Heating Cooling and Refrigeration provide to the residents of Bronx NY, Air Conditioner Repair. We are a locally owner Bronx AC repair company, and also service and repair AC’s in the NYC area. This includes Yonkers NY, and New Rochelle NY just to name a few outside of NYC. To learn more click AC repair.

Central Air Conditioner Repair

Learn how to take care of your central air conditioning system. All Central Air conditioner repair starts with the basic components. The Evaporator, Blower, Condenser, Compressor, Fan, Filter and Thermostat. All of these components need to work in conjunction with each other in order to keep a residential home, or commercial business comfortable during those hot summer months. Shepherd ENG Heating Cooling and Refrigeration provides repair services to all central air conditioning systems in the Bronx NY, Westchester NY, Yonkers NY, Mount Vernon NY, Manhattan NY, and Queens NY just to name a few. If your Central Air conditioner does not work call Shepherd ENG Heating Cooling and Refrigeration. To learn more and save big click Central Air Conditioner Repair.

Refrigerator Repair


Refrigerators are taken for granted on a daily basis. Statically, a majority of people in the NYC area goes into a refrigerator at least once a day. Shepherd specializes in and provide Bronx NY, Refrigerator repair; Repairs also include Freezer repair, and Cooler repair. Shepherd ENG Heating Cooling and Refrigeration repairs refrigerators in the NYC area. We are the #1 refrigerator repair, and servicing company in the New York City and Westchester area. Refrigerator repairs are necessary if your freezer or fridge are warm or hot. Other appliance repair service area also available. To learn more click Refrigerator repair.


Appliance Repair

Shepherd ENG Heating Cooling and Refrigeration repair Appliances. We are pleased to offer appliance repair to homeowners thought the local area. We provide Appliance repair in the Bronx NY, Yonkers NY, Westchester NY, and Manhattan NY. For appliance repair you can trust in, that have years of experience that’s fast, reliable, and affordable Call Shepherd ENG Heating Cooling and Refrigeration. If you need refrigerator repair, washing machine repair, dryer repair, oven repair and many more shepherd’s fully licensed team is there for you. To learn more click Appliance repair.


Furnace Repair

One of the most important features in a home and even a business is the Furnace. Shepherd ENG Heating Cooling and Refrigeration provide Bronx NY, Furnace repair and top quality Furnace repair throughout the NYC area. This includes but not limited to, the Westchester NY area of Yonkers, New Rochelle, and Mount Vernon. We care about you and offer efficient #1 Furnace repairs right when you need them. If your Furnace is not working. No heat, or no hot water even no cold or if you have a furnace that also does cooling. You can count on Shepherd ENG Heating Cooling and Refrigeration for all repairs and services. To learn more click Furnace Repair.

Bronx NY, Manhattan NY furnace repair, boiler repair, Central AC repair, HVAC repair and installation

Appliance Repair Service 

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