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Heating Repair, Service and Installation

#1 Heater Repair service in NYC

Are you having heating issues?  Your radiators, baseboard, vents, and or heat pumps not working ( heat pumps are air conditioners that are also can perform heating functions ). Call Shepherd ENG Heating Cooling & Refrigeration (929) 383-9139 now before it is too late.  Are you worried about the type of heating system in your home or business? Worry no more, whether you have Gas, Oil or Electric heating, we repair all make and models. Examples of model’s we repair are Trane, American Standard, Carrier, Rheem just to name a few.


Heating Service Maintenance & Installation


All heating units break down due to wear and tear. A boiler (combi boiler) or furnace can break down at any time, winter or summer. Heating systems are sometimes used all year around. Many boilers are also used for hot water and many furnaces are used for air conditioning in the summer. So maintenance of these devices is crucial. I would say up to about 80% of high priced repairs come from little to no maintenance. Looking for a repair or maintenance agreement leave a message or contact us (929) 383-9139.

Common Heating Issues


  • No heat or hot water

  • Leaking and dripping

  • Strange banging, whistling or gurgling noises

  • Pilot light goes out

  • Losing pressure

  • Frozen condensate pipe

  • Thermostat issues

  • Boiler not turning on

  • Radiators not getting hot

  • Boiler keeps switching itself off


Businesses and home owners we repair when they say it’s not fixable. Let Shepherd be your last option, we can inspect your heating system. We will tell you any issues and if a repair is a good choice. We have technicians with years of repair experience, from leaking boilers and hot water tanks to rooftop units. We also clean Oil boilers / burners and will maintain it if any contracts are signed. Heater repair, heating issues, Radiator repair, Heat pump repair, Baseboard repair, Furnace repair, and all Boiler repairs call (929) 383-9139.