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10 Best HVAC AC Maintenance Checklist

Do it yourself Air Conditioner Repair Service 

This checklist is the #1 AC tune-up checklist for the homeowner, business owner, or do-it-yourselfer. This is the 10 Best HVAC Air Conditioner Maintenance Checklist for repairs. This will also tune up your current system. It is very easy to follow. Almost anybody can do it and save. Have any questions call (929) 383-9139. Air Conditioner Repair 

Check Power

Check the breaker to make sure you have sufficient power. The correct rated amps. To locate the rated amps for your system, check the condensing unit's nameplate. This is usually located outside the dwelling. Also, check the lines for any breakage or loose connection. Only professionally trained techs or licensed electricians can do this check and perform any HVAC Repair.




This controls the operation of the HVAC Air Conditioning System. The Thermostat turns the unit on and off whenever cooling is needed. Check the batteries, and replace them if low. Check connections to make sure they are secure no breaks. If nothing works call for a Thermostat repair. 


Air Filter


Air Filters come in different sizes. They get clogged with dirt. This can cause damage to your system. Locate your filter and either clean or replace them, every 3 or 6 months during the year and stop Furnace repairs. 


Condenser Coil


Check the condenser coil. This is the outside unit. Shine a light on the coil and see if you can see it on the other side easily. If not, your condenser coils are dirty and must be cleaned in order to use the unit if you have any questions call ShepherdEHC for Central Air Conditioner Repair.




Check all motors and make sure they are spinning. For heating and air, you will have an outside unit with a big fan on top that usually blows hot air. While the unit is off, spin the fan blade if it moves quickly that’s a good sign it is fine. If when you turn on the system the fan does not spin or it spins slowly then the motor needs to be checked for power. Do this same method for the blower wheel located inside the furnace in the home. 


Condensate drain


A clogged condensate drain will stop a unit from working in the summer. Condensate drain overflowing and leaking inside your business will damage property. Clear the clog with a wet/dry vacuum, distilled vinegar, rag.


Frozen Evaporator Coil


inside all air conditioning systems in a furnace system, there is a blower that blows cold or hot air into the home. In the summer this blower blows over coils.  The coil is extremely cold. This can get frozen and block the airflow. Turn off the Furnace Air conditioning unit and thaw it out. If freezing persists call and ask for a repair. 


Low Refrigerant, low Freon


Low Freon can cause a system to push out warm air. Frozen coils are sometimes a sign of low Freon. If the coils freeze up it is then thawed out. Restart the unit using the thermostat and have it set to cooling. If the air is warm this could be a sign of low Freon. Make sure all components are running while doing this check. 


Relays and Contactors


The outside unit contains a relay or contactor. This is located usually on the side of the condensing unit inside of a mechanical compartment. There are usually three or four screws keeping the area closed off and secure. Contactors or relays have to close most of the time for a unit to run. To locate contactor check the lines and see which lines are the main power going into the unit. Check their connections and make sure nothing is broken or loose. Check the contactor if it has burned, replace it.




Motors on the condensing unit or blower can get worn out. Blower motors and fan motors sometimes have areas in which you can lubricate their motors. When a unit is turned on and the outside unit fan spins slowly it can sometimes ( not all ) need to be lubricated. This is a slow spin also a sign of motor burnout. If not sure call for repairs. 

This is a guide for the most common issues for a home central air conditioning system. This maintenance can also be applied to ductless mini-split air conditioners. Common questions we receive are,  How to repair the AC unit? and How do I fix my Air Conditioner? 
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