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Boiler repair service

Boiler Repair Service and Installation

Boiler maintenance costs increase as the boiler ages.If the boiler has a history of breakdowns, a technician must weigh the risk of potential costly repair service against the cost of replacing the boiler. In some instances, such a task requires a major overhaul of a boiler, the repair can be as much as one-quarter to one-half of the cost for a replacement boiler. In these cases, particularly if the boiler is approaching its rated service life. Technicians must consider other issues to determine if the boiler is worth repairing. Because boilers are one of the largest energy users infacilities, technician have to appropriately focus on boiler lost of efficiency.The potential energy savings technicians can achieve by replacing a boiler can make it worthwhile to replace an existing boiler, even if it is in good operating condition. Older boilers most likely do not meet current regulations for safety and operation, and while technicians might not be required to bring an existing boiler up to current requirements, safety is a factor when considering repair or replacement.

Do I need a Boiler or Furnace Repair ??

Pilot not lighting

Not feeling heat from my baseboards

Boiler not working radiators cool

Furnace not sparking

Boiler has no power

No heat

Furnace turns on and off

Blowing cold air

Not sparking or igniting

Boiler turning on and off

Not blowing hot air

if any of these symptoms are happening call or contact us now.


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1 Comment

Glenn Washington
Glenn Washington
Jul 04

We had an emergency with our boiler late at night, and the HVAC Contractor Davie company was there within the hour. The repair was done efficiently, and the technician explained everything clearly. Fantastic service!

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