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Leaking Boiler Repair Service

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Repair leaking Boiler (347) 560-1319

Shepherd ENG Heating Cooling & Refrigeration, specialize in HVAC Maintenance Repair Service for any and all Heating, Cooling or Refrigeration issues call (347) 560-1319 . Now Imagine walking into a home or business and noticing that there is no heat. After a small inspection you have come to the conclusion that you should check the boiler. The location of the boiler is in the basement or a mechanical room if you are a business owner. You reach the boiler room this can be a gas or oil boiler. And all you see is water leaking from the side of your boiler. Only thing to do is to call a technician (347) 560-1319 and schedule an appointment now. Same day Repair is available.

Boiler leaks are usually treated as a installation project. When you can a technician from Shepherd ENG Heating Cooling & Refrigeration he or she will evaluate your leaking boiler and see if it is possible to repair your boiler. If it is not repairable we will recommend an installation with pricing. All pricing depends on boiler size and scope of project. Do not get stuck in the cold this winter call Shepherd ENG Heating Cooling & Refrigeration now.

Heating Repair Service

We repair all heating equipments ie Boilers, Furnaces, Heat Pumps, Electric Heat etc. My boiler is not turning on. My boiler have no pilot. My boiler is turning on and off. My boiler is not doing anything. Technician said i need a new boiler. Furnace is not igniting. Furnace turning on and off. Furnace not turning on. If you have said or fall into any of these category call (347) 560-1319 now. Same day repair service available. Appointment service up to weeks in advanced is available.

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