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Oil & Gas Boiler Repair Service (347) 560-1319

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

‎Boiler servicing typically cost $100 - $180 depending on your location. Boilers can break down at anytime, therefore routine service calls are necessary to prevent repair/servicing of unit. There are various types of boilers, from the newer combi style boilers that are mounted to the wall, to the traditional boilers in basements. It is important for all home owners to service your boiler regularly.

Boilers and its peripheral devices are considered a closed system. it is important to check these devices regularly. If the boiler system is not working correctly the boiler is in danger of breaking down. Keep in mind small issues can lead to grand issues like full boiler replacement. for example a home owner notices their boiler water is low. They've run into this issue before and assume this matter can be rectified by adding water to boiler. However they fail to realize water temperature is a factor and adds cold water. The boiler then cracks causing a slow leak. this leak leads to further damage eventually requiring a boiler replacement.

The homeowner should have called a service technician first rather than taking it upon themselves to alleviate the issue. Low water in boilers are typically due to faulty low water cut off. The technician would have realized the problem and replaced the faulty device and water, avoiding further damage. If you see any of these issues and are in the NYC or Westchester area please call a Boiler Repair Technician immediately at (347) 560-1319

Common Boiler & Heating system issues

  1. No heat or hot water

  2. Leaking and dripping

  3. Strange banging, whistling or gurgling noises

  4. Pilot light goes out

  5. Losing pressure

  6. Frozen condensate pipe

  7. Thermostat issues

  8. Boiler not turning on

  9. Radiators not getting hot

  10. Boiler keeps switching itself off

Boilers are the main source of heating for almost all home and business in the NYC and Westchester area. Boiler are made up of many different components that can be dangerous to non professionals. If there are any repairs that needs to get done please call an expert. If living in the Bronx NY area check out

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