Heating Services

Call for or sc​hedule an Heating Appointment if these issues are happening  *IMPORTANT*


  • No Heat

  • Heater coming on and off

  • Temperature is too low

  • No hot water

  • No heat from ducts

  • Malfunctioning thermostat

  • Pilot light

  • Loud noises 

Cooling Services

Call for or sc​hedule a Cooling Appointment if these issues are happening  *IMPORTANT*


  • No A/C

  • Refrigerator turining on and off 

  • Temperature is too high

  • Everything in refrigerator melting

  • No cool or cold air from ducts

  • Ductless mini-split A/C not working

  • Walkin Box refrigerator malfunction

  • Outside condener not working

Maintenance Agreement

Call for or sc​hedule an Appointment if these issues are happening  *IMPORTANT*


  • Peace of mind

  • Confort 

  • Energy saver

  • Controls

  • Electrical

  • Quality control

  • Digital systems

  • Air Quality  

SHEPHERD ENG Heating Cooling and Refrigeration

HVAC-Air Conditioner-Boiler-Furnace-Repair Installation & Service

Shepherd’s Engineering Heating Cooling and Refrigeration have been the #1 choice for residential homeowner and commercial heating, cooling, refrigeration, and other HVAC repair installation & Services for several years. We a lot of installers able to, diagnosis, and engineer design for new systems dealing with load calculations; and for long term projects. Larger projects are completed within the predetermined allocated time. We take into account all the ergonomics that may ot may not be present in every project.


We are proud of our strong work ethics and customer satisfaction. As a class A residential and commercial business, we take pride in our expertise/knowledge of all HVAC repair installation maintenance and servicing. With that in mind, if you are a residential home owner a commercial building or business owner and you have had issues with your HVAC systems. Current upgrade programs for your HVAC systems are available. This can be accomplished with just a call. Installing a new energy efficient system, or signing up for a customer maintenance contract to save money are at your disposal.


Shepherd’s Engineering Heating Cooling and Refrigeration is committed to prompt on time service and quality workmanship. This can be shown in the minimization of all downtime at your Home or Facility and eliminate any inconvenience to customers and or tenants if applicable. Located in New York City, we are the best HVAC service company in Brooklyn NY, Bronx NY, Westchester NY, Queens NY, Manhattan NY, and Pelham Manor, Yonkers NY, Mount Vernon NY.


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Heating Cooling and Refrigeration Services

HVAC Repair Installation & Service

ShepherdEHC  is #1 in HVAC service. We repair & install all essential equipment's such as Air Conditioning units, and Furnaces. HVAC equipment are made to perform based on certain criteria’s outlined in the operations manual. For example in heating, when failures occur a heating repairman will be needed for repairs. 


The H in HVAC stands for heating. In this article we will include HVAC & Plumbing heating units. This includes appliances like, Ovens, Range Stoves. All aspects of HVAC will be covered through this article. Each letter will be explains and expanded to illustrate how we repair service and install HVAC systems. All systems are unique in there own way. Only certified technicians can provide HVAC service. ShepherdEHC technicians are the best repair man in the area. Same day service is available. Schedule your HVAC service now. 


Heating Repair Man 


V in HVAC stands for ventilation, in HVAC repair, ventilation systems are very important. To produce heat special units called boiler and furnaces are used. When a these units produce heat they must use a fuel source. When for example a furnace creates heat. The waste products are vented to the outside air for safety. Heating and cooling systems sometimes for example in furnace system, use blowers to push air into spaces, to either heat or cool the space. The examples above are two different version of venting air and controlling air flow. Ventilation is used for many different reasons in HVAC. If a furnace or boiler is not vented properly dangerous gases can spill into livable areas. Other heating systems are also serviced by us. We offer Boiler repair service & Heat Pump repair. ShepherdEHC HVAC repair man services all heating systems. We have some of the best HVAC service technicians with many years of ventilation experience. HVAC systems need service and maintenance.


HVAC Repair Service 


Maintenance services are needed for all HVAC equipments. In heating systems for example a furnace; maintenance is important. A furnace have the ability to produce both heating and cooling functions. Call for a furnace repair. In the winter months heating repairs are plentiful. Furnaces malfunction or go faulty mainly because of the lack of hvac maintenance services. Furnaces have gas valves, blowers to push air through the heated area. A pressure switch to prove that the blower is running. A heat sensor to tell if the furnace is over heating. A flame rod to tell the furnace the fire is lit while the gas valve is open. In the cooler months burners and pilots may not light. A heat exchanger or blower may stop working. Call Shepherdehc for HVAC &  Boiler repair service


Furnace replacement 


If your system have multiple failures and you always have to call for service repairs, it is time for a Furnace Replacement. As a furnace ages it wears down and is susceptible a lot of break downs. Furnaces have a lot of moving parts that work in sequence with each other in order to produce heating or cooling. A furnace replacement is essential for efficient heating. in heating equipment replacement, efficiency is key. Furnaces all come with a certain efficiency. These efficiency optimizes fuel consumption in order to save you money. The efficiency is known as the AFUE. The higher the efficiency the better the furnace. So stop the constant furnace repair service calls and replace your furnace with a new furnace installation


Air conditioning servicing 


After replacing your furnace due to lack of heating during the cooler months. In the summer months when cooling is needed you will need Air Conditioning servicing. In HVAC service the AC stands for Air Conditioning. Air conditioners and air conditioning systems work by removing the heat present in any surrounded closed area. Removing the heat present in the space and replacing it with cooled conditioned air, a cooling effect occurs.  The air conditioning system come in many different shapes and sizes. In HVAC Air Conditioning systems are sometimes added to furnaces. Furnaces can control both heating and cooling. The AC system is susceptible to many downtime’s if it is not maintained throughout the year. Air conditioning repairs are frequent in these cases of neglect. In the Summer time due to their increased in usage and lack of maintenance, repair services. Constant fixing of your unit becomes a problem. 


Air conditioning repair service 


Air conditioning repair service usually comes at a big cost. The basic make up of all cooling systems are the evaporator ( cools the system ), the compressor ( compresses the heat being removed from the system), the condenser ( removes heat from the system ), and the metering device ( reduces the pressure of the gas called Freon used to cool the system ). These four components make up the air conditioning and many other refrigeration systems. At any moment during the summer an air conditioning unit will be in use. Hot summer days will see an increase in needed cooling. This increase in cooling also causes an increase in air conditioning repairs and the need for air conditioning installers to come out and replace systems. Any one of the four components can fail or need servicing. When these repairs becomes too costly it’s time to get a new system. 


Air Conditioning Installers 


ShepherdEHC have the #1 Air Conditioning Installers in NYC and WestChester. Thinking about getting a new air conditioning unit for your furnace or thinking of replacing your old furnace system. Call ShepherdEHC now. Have you ever come home to a hot house after a long days work, just to find out your home Air Conditioning unit is not working? Signs you may need a air conditioning installer are; loud noise coming from you condensing unit outside, or the fan for the outside unit is not spinning. Other air conditioning issues that may call for a installer are; no cold air coming from vents or no air blowing out vents when air conditioning unit is turned on. As explained before AC units are made up of four major components. Any of these can fail at any time during the cooling season. Costly air conditioning repair service calls, can hurt in times of social unease. A central air conditioner replacement may be your best choice. We offer commercial and residential air conditioning unit replacements at low cost. ShepherdEHC offers a variety of repair services not included in HVAC. One such important service is boilers. 


Boiler Replacement 


As stated ShepherdEHC install, repair and service all heating units, call now for a Boiler replacement. From old units to new tankless energy efficient ones. Boilers are essential parts of many homes and businesses around the world. A boiler is a type of central heating system that generates heat by boiling water. Water is heated using a fuel source usually oil, gas, coal & LP. The most common types seen in the industry are oil boilers and gas boilers. In our example we will be looking at home boilers ( many units used in businesses are the same as the ones used in homes ). In order to produce the heat necessary, hot water or steam is pushed through pipes to baseboard or radiators. Each baseboard and radiator gives off heat to the area in which it is located. The water or steam inside the baseboard or radiator cools significantly and returns to the heating unit to be heated again. License heating contractor, plumbers and HVAC specialist can replace any old outdated, broken or leaking boilers. ShepherdEHC have the best boiler installers available. Replacing old worn out boilers can save both monetarily and reduce pollution production. Call for a boiler replacement today.


Boiler installation 


A new boiler installation is different from a unit replacement. Boiler replacement occurs if a boiler is leaking water or have aged too much over time. Old worn down heating systems are inefficient and should always be replace to save money or fuel consumption. Savings range in the thousands when replacing an old system. For newly build homes a steam heating system of sufficient efficiency is installed. Most hydronic heating also double as a hot water heater. These days heating units are small enough to fit in a closet and still perform the same heating and air task required. The tankless or commonly known as the Combi boiler are energy efficient and small enough to fit in tight areas while also heating both the home and the domestic water supply. We provide the best in combi boiler installation. These heating systems produce heated water on demand. When the heating unit detects an open faucet or a call for heat. It begins operations and heats up the water necessary to complete its requested operation. Call for a boiler installation now. 


Install water heaters 


We also install water heaters, in homes in which heating systems that have a combination setup. Meaning, heats the home and hot water heater supply. These types of systems are usually combination boilers that we just mentioned. The problem with these units occur when their is an issue or a malfunction, both the domestic hot water and the heat stop at the same time. Another issue is, in the summer time these heating units will still turn on and off because of the need for hot water. To prevent this most homes have a separate hot water heater and boiler. Hot water heater comes in sizes from 50 gallon to 100 plus. The size of the heater size depends on the amount of people that will be using it. The safest way to insure adequate water supply is the make sure if there are more than 6 people in a home a 70 gallon water tank is recommended. Hot water heaters can be installed same day with included warranty on every installation. All water heater installation are done by professionally insured technicians. All of the heating and cooling systems mentioned are essential part of living. They give us power to control the temperature inside our homes and businesses. Other services included are refrigeration, which includes Walkin freezer - cooler repair service. But if you are having problems with your water or your tank is leaking call ShepherdEHC and install a water heater now. 

Refrigerator repair service


Refrigerator repair service is all year around There are many types available, we fix all refrigeration systems and appliances. To illustrate what a refrigeration system consists of a Air conditioners have all same components as a refrigerator, but with a little variation. Refrigerators requires more precise temperatures than cooling a home. Much like the AC system a refrigerator is made up of a evaporator, a compressor, a condenser and a metering device. These components were previously explained in the air conditioning portion of this article. A refrigeration system however have added components such as pressure switches, timers and other safeties. These devices are used to control everything from how cold the unit gets to the amount of humidity present. We repair Walkin Coolers, Walking Freezers, Sub Zero refrigerator, Low Boy, domestic refrigerators and more. These brands include Nor-Lake, Carroll coolers, Foster, true cool, Amerikooler, kolpak, Centaur, Migali, Master bilt and much more. We do both domestic and commercial refrigerator repair


Walk-in Freezer - Cooler Repair Services 


ShepherdEHC also have walk-in cooler repair services available. Walk-in Coolers & Freezers are commercial refrigeration units. They are used by businesses to store produce and other goods such as meats or ice cream at specific temperatures for long period of time. Refrigerators & Walkin Coolers keep items stored at temperatures between 36 to 38 degrees Fahrenheit. Walkin Freezers store items below 32 degrees Fahrenheit or freezing. Walk-in cooler repairs consist of units not keeping the desired temperatures. All business owners with walk-in cooler issue call now and ask for out walk-in cooler repair service. 



HVAC Repair & Installation Questions:


My Walkin Cooler fan is blowing but it is not cold or cooling ?

The walk-in cooler have an issue with the condensing unit or the Freon inside of the system. 


The Walkin freezer is cooling but not cold ?

There can be multiple reason why this is happening. The condensing unit may or may not be running. It the unit is running then it could be low on Freon or there’s a restriction in the system. 


Do I need a Heating repairman ?

If your heating system is not functioning correctly yes 


Furnace turns of but no heat?

Check the pilot or the ignitor, if that doesn’t work call and ask for more information on service or repair.


Do you have any good Air conditioning installers ?

Yes, expertly trained and certified insured technicians


How many times should I consider doing Air conditioning servicing ?

Two times a year is the preferred amount of times to service your AC system. 


My home is hot is ShepherdEHC the best Air conditioning repair service in NYC ??

Yes we believe we are the best air conditioning repair service. 


Why is my ac running but not cooling ?

Bad evaporator, condenser, check if the compressor is running or if the AC system is getting power. Check if the blower is spinning. give us a call let a technician service it. 


Do you guys Install water heaters ? 

Yes we do, same day repair available.


I’m looking for the best Hvac repair company ?

ShepherdEHC repairs all HVAC systems. We have repaired Trane, Carrier, Lennox and many more. 


How do I fix my central air conditioner ? 

There are many factors to repairing an Central Air Conditioner. There’s are many factors to look for. First check breaker for make sure nothing has tripped. Then check to see if there are any error codes once you know there is power going to system. Check thermostat and make sure it is actually calling the system. If your home or business have a condensing unit outside make sure the fan is spinning and the compressor is operating. Call out service line and find out more information. 


How much does it cost to install central air ??

Air conditioning installations prices vary depending on the brand and the cooling load needed. To know proper prices call for more information. 


Should I schedule Hvac service today ?

If your system is not running properly yes 


Where can I get Heating repair ?

Call now we repair boiler, furnaces, heat pump, hot water heaters, radiators, baseboard etc... 


My boiler is leaking do I need a Boiler replacement ??

Yes, but let us check and see if we can repair the boiler first. 


Do you have same day Boiler installation ?



Top Hot water heater you guys install ?

AO Smith


I need a Furnace replacement ?

Ok call us now 


Is Tankless water heater repair available? 

Yes we repair tankless water heaters.  We repair Navien, Bosch, Rinnai, Rheem, Noritz just to name a few. 


I need a Water heater installation my water heater is leaking ?

Yes if your water heater is leaking more than likely you will need a new water heater installation. 


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