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Shepherd heating and cooling specialize in repair and maintenance for residential HVAC and commercial HVAC customers in New York City and surrounding areas. ShepherdEHC repairs all Heating systems, Cooling systems, Air Conditioners, Central Air Conditioners, Portable Air conditioners, Appliances, Refrigerators, appliances, walk-in freezer & Cooler, Ducts, Freezer, Furnaces, Boilers, Hot water tank, compressor, condensers, central heating and cooling systems. Commercial Refrigerators, Air conditioners and Appliances



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This HVAC company work on a variety of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and  refrigeration units. We provide service, installation, repair and maintenance on all mechanical systems including appliances. We will list some of the services we provide.  Shepherd ENG Heating Cooling and Refrigeration (646) 221-2793 repairs Frigidaire refrigerator, Maytag refrigerator, Amana refrigerator, and Hotpoint referigerators. Boiler repair Weil Mclain boiler, Peerless boiler, burnam boiler. Also Shepherd ENG Heating Cooling and Refrigeration sometimes work in specific areas. We offer Bronx NY Refrigerator repair, Bronx Boiler Repair, Refrigerator Repair Service, Bronx NY furnace repair, Central Air Conditioner repair, Appliance repair, Air Conditioner service and repair.

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Repair Service

Heating Services

Call for or sc​hedule an Heating Appointment if these issues are happening  *IMPORTANT*


  • No Heat

  • Heater coming on and off

  • Temperature is too low

  • No hot water

  • No heat from ducts

  • Malfunctioning thermostat

  • Pilot light

  • Loud noises 

Cooling Services

Call for or sc​hedule a Cooling Appointment if these issues are happening  *IMPORTANT*


  • No A/C

  • Refrigerator turining on and off 

  • Temperature is too high

  • Everything in refrigerator melting

  • No cool or cold air from ducts

  • Ductless mini-split A/C not working

  • Walkin Box refrigerator malfunction

  • Outside condener not working


Heating Cooling and Refrigeration

NYC Heating Cooling and Refrigeration service

Shepherd’s Engineering Heating Cooling and Refrigeration have been the #1 choice for residential homeowner and commercial heating, cooling, refrigeration, and other HVAC systems service for several years. We also do installations, diagnosis, and engineer design for new systems dealing with load calculations; and for long term projects. Long term projects are completed within the predetermined allocated time. We take into account all ergonomic aspects of each and every project.


We are proud of our strong work ethics and customer satisfaction. As a class A residential and commercial business, we take pride in our expertise/knowledge of all HVAC-R installation, maintenance and servicing. With that in mind, if you are a residential home owner and a commercial building or business owner you have had issues and problems with your HVAC systems. Current upgrading for your HVAC systems are available. This can be accomplished with just a call. Even installing a new energy efficient system, or signing up for a customer maintenance contract to save money are at your disposal.


Shepherd’s Engineering Heating Cooling and Refrigeration is committed to prompt on time service and quality workmanship. This can be shown in the minimization of all downtime at your Home or Facility and eliminate any inconvenience to customers and or tenants if applicable. Located in New York City, we are the best HVAC service company in Brooklyn NY, Bronx NY, Westchester NY, Queens NY, Manhattan NY, and Pelham Manor, Yonkers NY, Mount Vernon NY.

Heating Cooling and Refrigeration Services
Maintenance Agreement

Call for or sc​hedule an Appointment if these issues are happening  *IMPORTANT*


  • Peace of mind

  • Confort 

  • Energy saver

  • Controls

  • Electrical

  • Quality control

  • Digital systems

  • Air Quality